Books by Dr. Billie Sahley

Healing Books

Books by Katherine Birkner, Ph.D. and Billie J. Sahley, Ph.D. Get the information you're looking for on natural solutions to stress/anxiety, addiction, insomnia, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, trauma, attention deficit disorder, anti-aging, insomnia, green tea healing, neuro-transmitters and brain deficiencies, and much more. Learn how you can heal with the medicine of the 21st century . . . Amino Acids.

Mind Expansion CDs by Dr. Billie Sahley

Mind Expansion CD's

Deal with your negative thoughts, past experiences and anxiety that keep you from healing. Dr. Sahley's audio CDs are innovative, powerful and give you a positive direction to follow. Listen to soothing music and her calm cool tone as she guides you down the path to healing.

Health Educator Reports 

Health Reports

Dr. Sahley's Health Educator Reports are 1 to 2 page documents on various health concerns. Choose from 90 topics on health and healing including the brain, amino acids, stress, anxiety, panic, sleep disorders, addiction, aging, heart health, hormones, nutrition, immune system, digestive system, energy and more.

Pain & Stress Publications

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