Stress and Aging

Amino Acids for Pain, Stress and Anxiety

Stress, Addiction and Amino Acid Deficiencies

L-Theanine, The Relaxation Amino Acid

Panic Disorders

Magnesium, The Stress Mineral

Ashwagandha, The Stress and Anxiety Herb

Anatomy of Anxiety, How and Why it Happens

Social Anxiety and Phobias

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and
Amino Acid Therapy

Teen Anger and Aggression

Pain & Stress Publications

Health Educator Reports

$2.50 each|5 for $10|Complete set $165.00

This comprehensive series of Health Educator Reports is written by Drs. Sahley and Birkner. Reports vary from 1 to 4 pages. We calculate the discount for multiple reports when order is processed. 
Health Educator reports are not returnable.

Stress + Anxiety + Panic

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