Dr. Billie Jay Sahley

Brain Health 

Pain & Stress Publications promotes education on health of the brain and body through information provided in Dr. Sahley's books, her Mind Expansion CDs, and her many Health Educator Reports.

Dr. Sahley's research focuses on brain biochemistry and the function of neurotransmitters. Her research has led to alternative health discoveries in the area of mental and emotional stress, physical pain, and to a deeper understanding of brain function. She believes drugs are not the answer. . .  amino acids are. They are the key to behavior and brain function.

"We must take amino acids daily in specific amounts to producte the needed neurotransmitters for our hungry, busy brains. "

When you put back in the brain what naturally belongs there, in specific amounts, you correct chemical imbalances caused by today's stressful lifestyles.

All health solutions recommended in Dr. Sahley's materials are natural healthy alternatives.

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